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From packaging bags, to handbags, to tote bags or mylar bags we can provide them wholesale direct from the factory to your door.

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We can help with all packaging design, manufacturing and shipping and logistics.

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We started in the Mylar Bag Catagory, now also offering Poly bags, Tote Bags and other packaging needs.

Big Bag Company


We started in 2019, came from the retail-wholesale industry to now helping partners, family and friends with all there bag and packaging needs.  Anything from poly bags to custom packaging, mylar bags, tote bags, handbags, shoulder bags and cross body bags or almost any bag you can create and imagine.

BIG Bags Catagories


Cotton Tote Bags - Custom or Plain - Wholesale - Blank Canvas Tote Bags - Heavy Duty Canvas Tote Bags - Shoulder bags Hand Bags - Crossbody bags - Womens Bags - Bags for Men - Bags for Girls - Custom Packaging Bags - Shipping Bags - Food Bags - Packaging Tape for Bags - Mylar Bags - Custom Printed Bags 




Custom Packaging Bags

Most of our first clients and partners needed mylar or custom packaging and poly bags. As small as a retail bag of dried fruits to the large Kilo size wholesale bulk packaging needs for distributors.  We are expanding more to beauty and custom branded bags for many retailers and brands around the states.  Even non-branded custom sizes and specialty bags for packaging online retail products for consumers like shirts, candy, gifts and much much more...

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